March 23, 2016

Spring decor in full bloom.

There are so many things that make me happy about this picture.


  1. My freshly painted pantry door in a cheerful shade of teal’ish/aqua.
  2. Tulips in my recent thrift store find of a beautiful milk glass vase for only a $1.95!
  3. Chalkboard claiming our Lord has risen! (Ignore my poor chalkboard lettering. This is not a skill I have been blessed with. ;))
  4. Vintage style stool (I am still on a very long hunt for turquoise or green actual vintage cosco stool) with my favorite decorative pillow ever…on the earth…ever. But seriously, this was a major splurge for me and I am so glad I did. I smile every time I walk in the room to see it!
  5. Well loved aprons displayed with pride. I wear aprons for everything, so does my mother, so did my grandmother and now so do my daughters.
  6. A new EAT sign from Michael’s! (I have wanted a red EAT sign above my pantry forever.)
  7. The cabinet with butcher block is our latest project, a garbage can cabinet! Post coming soon with plans to build one just like it!
  8. Boxwood Wreath hanging happily on the pantry door.
  9. My favorite Turquoise purse perched away from children’s little gross hands.
  10. Two vintage bunny planters. The one on the right has recently come to our home from my favorite thrift store. The one on the left however, is a prize possession of mine. My paternal grandparents (long since passed) gifted this beautiful little bunny to my mother 33 years ago, while she was giving birth to me. They had once owned a ceramic shop called Briar Patch Ceramics, which they hand painted everything they sold.  This beautiful and faithful little bunny has seen a lot of hard times, but somehow came through unscathed.FFF_8968

This little nook is right inside dining room door from the mudroom. I see this when I first come into the main house and I love it. It may sound like a cliche’, but “it’s the little things in life” comes to mind. Seeing places in my home that give me joy, is what life is all about. I am loving my current season in life and feel so blessed to be finding joy. I pray you all find joy “in the little things.”



  1. Adorable space! The eat sign is too cute. I love the way the font is different than most eat signs you see.

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