March 6, 2016

Pottery Barn Knock off!

Guys. I saw this picture on Pinterest and I had to take the leap! This is a Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware knockoff.


So, if you have a couple thousand buckaroos laying around to spend on awesome quality and amazing brand name shelves here you go. But I unfortunately do not, so I had to do a “knock off” version.



Pottery Barn Austin Shelves $1599


Restoration Hardware Russian Oak Parquet Shelving $1695

I found this awesome blog who pretty much spelled out the instructions.

This blogger did such an amazing job with step by step instructions, it would be redundant for me to show my exact same steps. 😉 Ps. This blog is NOT in English. 😉


I however, changed it up a bit. I used the same Hyllis Shelving for $14.99 each. I bought 3 to get the length I wanted of 10 feet total shelving length.



I picked out 10 – 1″X3″ boards that were 10 feet long. I stained them with my homemade Vinegar and Coffee stain.


Again, follow the tutorial here for exact details on how, what and where to cut your materials.

I chose NOT to spray paint the metal shelves; I wanted the galvanized look. Here is my finished “knock off” product! I love it! That wall was so naked before. I switch up the décor based on the season and am absolutely obsessed with how it turned out.


Here is what it looks like from farther back. 🙂


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