August 28, 2015

Paint your Countertops! Wait…what?

I know what your thinking. “Paint my countertops? This chick has gone crazy.”

Before I lose you, bear with me and I promise you wont be disappointed. If you need a cheap and durable way to change the look of your kitchen without the installation and cost, keep reading. Plus, you kinda need to be brave. Not going to lie. It takes some courage to do this.

Here is an after picture to convince you this is worth the read ūüėČ


Anyway! This decision came after an exhausted amount of research on counter top remodels, choices, designs, and different budgets. I came to the profound epiphany…We have no budget for said countertop remodel.

¬†I’m not giving up yet. I will find a solution.

Back to the drawing board, my dreams of recycled glass, butcher block¬†or even concrete countertops would have to be put on hold…until I win the lottery.

Our current laminate countertops were stained and horrible. They came with the house when we bought it; I in no way endorse these or approve of these!


I stumbled upon the idea of painting countertops, yes of course I found it on Pinterest.

Me: I think I am going to paint our countertops.

My Husband: You are the only person I know that has the eggs to actually follow through with what you just said.

In our house, this was essentially “permission” to proceed with hair-brained Pinterest ideas. Not that I need his permission for anything, but I like his approval. After all this is his house too, and I like him, like a lot. So I want him to like me…which means sometimes he has to stop my said hair-brained Pinterest ideas to reduce my Pinterest Fail submissions. (There may or may not be quite a few of those.)

After getting the nod of approval to follow through with crazy pinterest idea #1486 I did my research on brands, techniques and tools of the trade. I called my awesome friend Misty, who is used to my hair-brained Pinterest crafting attempts and she was of course all in. She couldn’t let me destroy my kitchen alone, could she?

We headed to the store, picked out 5 different acrylic paint colors (DONT USE LATEX PAINT! It peels up very easily), 1 spray can of glitter, and sponges and don’t forget the sealer!

Disclaimer: please read all labels before use!

This is what I started out with:


Buy sponges here on Amazon. Cheapest place to snag them.


These paints:


DSCN6790                         DSCN6792


Glitter spray paint!


Water based Gloss Sealer (Note, you want water based because it is easier to clean up, less smelly, and dries super fast!)


First step, clear off your counters, clean them really well with TSP (this stuff is amazing!) and then let dry! (Again, read the label thoroughly!)


Second tape off backslash, appliances, etc. Then primer your countertops! This is the hardest step. There was no going back once I started rolling out that primer. (Sorry the picture is blurry!)


The primer should dry really fast. Then you are ready for step 3!

Start with the lightest color (not white) that you have chosen. You will want to either roll that color on first, or sponge it one. But you will want to cover all the primer.

I don’t have any “during the process photos” because I was in full on panic mode. My kitchen was starting to look like 1982 had thrown up in it. Sponge painted countertops…really? What was I thinking? In that moment,¬†I was thinking “I have to move…or burn down the house. I can’t live with this, worse I can’t let people see this!”

Once¬†Misty talked me off my ledge,¬†we kept painting. Meanwhile, my good friend and I were laughing hysterically at the idea of us painting countertops! Had I gone mad??? No, apparently I am brilliant. Because check out the before and after pics…later. Not now. Keep following the steps. ūüėČ

Where was I? Oh ya, at this point your counters are primed and painted with the base coat. Next, you will want to start sponging on the different colors with different sponges and tools. I suggest you use one color at a time, finish with that color, then move on to the next.

We used paper towels, paper, newspaper, sponges to apply and “peel off” the paint. Have I totally lost you at this point?¬†This¬†means you sponge paint on and use a dry paper towel scrunched up and press on the counter with it. This will gently peel up the paint in random patterns making the countertops look more convincing and not painted.

Here are some close ups!

DSCN6801 DSCN6796

You will panic. You will consider the possibility you have completely lost your marbles. You might even dry heave.

Then it happens. The clouds¬†part and the light shines down upon your countertops. One section will actually look like granite countertops. Yes, I know. It’s kind of an amazing feeling that you won’t have to burn your house down.

I took glitter paint as the last step and sponged in patterns to look like “veins” of crystal or sparkle on the counters.¬† As part of the¬†final painting step, I sprayed very fine glitter lightly over the entire counter top.

Note “veins” in this picture.



Stand back and appreciate your work. Touch up where you need to. Play with the different colors and tools. Touch up painted backsplash if your like me and didnt tape it very well. Can you see the oozing mistakes? That’s ok!¬†A little sandpaper, and white paint fixed that right up!


Once you have finally decided your in love, or as in love as your gonna get with painted countertops…next step is sealer.

BRUSH this on. I repeat…BRUSH this on. Do not roll it. It can get bubbles in it and will look and feel horrible. (This was a horrible mistake I made once with this product. Don’t follow in my footsteps, trust me.)

I put about 8 layers of sealer on. Especially around the sink and stove where heavy traffic will be.


Voilà! Let dry and you are done. I absolutely love my countertops! We have people over all the time and not one person has guessed they are painted. Of course the cat is out of the bag now!


8 Months later Update:

It has been 8 months since I painted these countertops. I am extremely impressed with their durability and ability to be cleaned! I simply love them!


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