January 27, 2016

No Sew Rustic Valentines Craft!

Raise your hand if you love LOVE! *My hand is most definitely raised*

I absolutely am obsessed with love, however I am not a fan of Valentines Day. Weird, I know. I actually forbid my husband to buy overpriced flowers for this said holiday. We also refuse to do dinner out. We spend the night with our kids, celebrating our love as a family. However, with all this anti-valentines talk, I do love the idea of the “Love Month.”

As you will soon see, I am also obsessed with decorating for every holiday possible. Love Month is no exception. In an effort to keep you crafting beginners coming back for more, I have chosen to show you a super easy DIY Rustic Valentines craft. So here we go!


 For a bigger view, click here.

 Straight on view, click here.

Supplies needed:

1- 18 inch grapevine wreath

2- rolls of wire edge ribbon

1- sign of your choice

Twine or ribbon to tie sign on

Tools Needed:


Glue Gun

I used hammer and nails to hang my sign, your sign may not require this.


It’s looking pretty and we haven’t even started!

Step 1: Wrap ribbon around wreath.


Step 2: Glue backs of ribbon to wreath on back of wreath.


This is the back of the wreath. You will want to use a glue gun to glue down the ends to hide them on the back of the wreath.


This is the front. It does not need to look perfect, hence the rustic feel. Plus a huge bow will cover the imperfection at the bottom!

Step 3: The sign!

I happened to fall in love with a little wooden block sign. It required me to come up with a way to hang it.

Ps. This sign is so my husband and myself. I heart it.



As you can see, I took two nails and nailed them into the top. I then took bakers twine and tied it around the nails.


This is the backside of the wreath showing where I tied it. I tied the sign on over the top. This part will be up to your discretion. I wanted mine to look simple and rustic, so I didn’t fuss over where I tied it. After all, its only up for a couple weeks.

Step 4: The bow!

I happen to know how to tie floral bows. I will be posting a DIY video on how to tie a bow with the extra roll of ribbon soon.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to fuss, you can buy premade bows at your local craft store. This is my finished wreath, and I love it!





Supplies needed:

3 yards upholstery webbing (found at local fabric store)

1/4 yard red felt


fabric glue

Clothes pins (I chose valentines colored that are miniature size)



Step 1:

Cut your upholstery webbing into 4.5in lengths. This should yield 24 cuts, with 1/2 inch left over.

I like to have a little wiggle room incase I cut one wrong.


Step 2:

Cut a triangle out of the bottom. Just eye it the best you can.


This is two cuts of 4.5 inches. The left one is an example of a section that the triangle has been cut.


Step 3:

Cut out a paper heart as your template. If you wing it, your hearts will start to look wonky.

Trust me, make a template. Next, using your template, cut out your hearts!


They can look so pretty when you take your time.


Below is an example of a wonky heart, because I was trying to wing it and double up my felt.

Don’t be like me. Don’t wing it. Don’t double up your felt. You will have wonky hearts and will be sad.


Step 4: Attach hearts

Glue those suckers on the webbing! Little advice, I used my glue gun at first. But it was showing the glue marks through the felt.

I switched to the fabric glue, and the glue marks were no longer an issue. 🙂

Now that your bunting is done and your wreath is done, go hang those beauties up and show them off.


For bigger view, click here.

 DSCN7150 DSCN7147

Total Project cost: $11.44

Wreath $2.49 (50% off original price $4.99)

Ribbon x2 spools $1.49 each (50% off original price of $2.99)

Sign $3.49 (50% off original price of $6.99)

Upholstery webbing $2.23 (50% off original price of $1.49 a yard)

Felt .25cents (original price of .99 a yard)

I purchased all supplies at JoAnn Fabrics. Most of it was on sale, and I used coupons on regular priced items.

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