September 19, 2015

Rv remodel, gone right.

You should probably know my husband and I are avid lovers of all things RV’ing, outdoors and hunting/gathering. There is something so incredible about camping in the woods with your cozy little trailer. Having your little family all safe and snug enjoying the great outdoors; sitting by the campfire, playing in the dirt and enjoying time as a family. Of course, a working toilet, heater and shower are pretty awesome, which is why we are an RV family.

 My husband and I have bought and flipped several of these bad boys. This particular one is my favorite so far. We found this gem on craigslist for $400. Two days later, it was in our driveway.

A couple of months ago we decided to save some money and buy a fixer. By the word fixer, I really mean a shell of an old trailer that had recently been home to ground squirrels, rats and mice…yuck. Holes in the floors, dirt everywhere and animal excrement an inch thick. It was seriously gross.

Did I mention I bought this trailer for $400? Yes, $400! Another important face, I bought this without my husband seeing it. Also, I should mention we didn’t even have a vehicle to pull it. (Looking back, I see now he has ALOT of faith in my decisions. I love you hubby!)

I have to admit, even the seasoned RV flippers get that “Oh crap, what did we get ourselves into?” feeling. This definitely set in when this beast was in our driveway and we had title in hand.

But seriously, what was I thinking? 2 months and less than $2000 later, here is the transformation.

First, let’s just appreciate the beast in all its glory. Our little rodent friends had the time of their life making it feel homey. We had rats, mice and ground squirrels making a lovely little life for themselves in our vents, cabinets, and even the stove. (Gag!)

But seriously, the floor was rotting out and we hadn’t even stepped inside.


Living room…or is it? I cant tell. The yucky is overwhelming.

20150604_103032   20150604_103025   20150604_103039

Dinette area.

20150604_103116  20150604_10305720150604_103101



20150604_103106  20150604_103324  20150604_103320  20150604_103315  20150604_103130

Back bedroom.

20150604_103258  20150604_103251

20150604_103224  20150604_103214  20150604_103214

Hallway, looking towards front of trailer.


Bathroom. Icky.

20150604_103207 20150604_103201  20150604_103146 20150604_103139  20150604_103154

Now for the fun part!!!

Front Living Area with foldout King Size bed

DSCN6858_edited-1-1  DSCN6857_edited-1-1

Gallery Wall!

Umm do you notice something amazing? You should! Faux grey grasscloth wallpaper! My most favoritest thing ever! (Yes I am using a made up word. Just roll with it.)


This was the old dinette area. I am in love with this table! We will be making 4 stools for our kiddos to sit at and eat or craft.

DSCN6860_edited-1-1  DSCN6837_edited-1-1  DSCN6835_edited-1-1

Hello clean, beautiful and bright kitchen! I painted my kitchen countertops. Did you see my past post on how to do this? Check it out HERE.

     DSCN6843_edited-1-1  DSCN6842_edited-1-1  DSCN6839_edited-1-1

Cute Little kitchen window. Burlap valances!

DSCN6864_edited-1-1  DSCN6863_edited-1-1

Hallway to bathroom and kids bedroom. Grey doors on the right are the pantry doors.

DSCN6845_edited-1-1  DSCN6844_edited-1-1

Bathroom! Do you like my Buck Naked sign? I do! An old fence board and some leftover black paint did the trick.

DSCN6856_edited-1-1  DSCN6854_edited-1-1  DSCN6853_edited-1-1  

Back bedroom with four bunks. Check out the woodland theme curtains! I am seriously in love with this room. It is bright and clean and perfect for two boys and two girls.

DSCN6848_edited-1-1  DSCN6851_edited-1-1  DSCN6846_edited-1-1

I got this vinyl wall decal on Amazon. I love it!


Here is the view from the back bedroom towards the front of the trailer.


Decorations! I couldn’t help myself. I had to go crazy with the whole deer theme. Did you see my couch pillows? *Swoon*


DSCN6866_edited-1-1  DSCN6841_edited-1-1  DSCN6840_edited-1-1

I mean come on, I had to!


For the record my husband is against the coral/pink deer head. But I will keep it…for now.


Whew! That was a lot of work. We managed to buy this trailer and totally remodel, license and register it for less than $2000. If you would like to see a future post on the cost breakdown and or specifics on how we accomplished some of the projects just ask!



  1. Barbara Zumwalt says:

    Love it! You and Troy ( I’m assuming you let him help) did a great job!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Y’all did an amazing job and for less than 2000. How did you redo the floors and the king size bed? We want to travel with the kids so bad but a new rv isn’t in out budget. Of I could do this to an old one, oh man the possibilities are endless.

    • We bought flooring from Home Depot and installed it ourselves. I drew the plans for the couch/king bed and my hubby built it. With four kids, a trailer with lots of beds is super important!

  3. I love it. Any chance of a pic with the king sized bed folded out? And a pic of the outside?

  4. Amazing!!! How were you able to glue the grasscloth to the wood panel board walls? And what type of paint did you you use?

  5. I’d love to see a photo of the king size bed folded out & know if you have any suggestions on doing one ourselves.
    Do you think it held up or would you do something differently?

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