August 11, 2015


Hi! My name is Morgan B. Miller, wife of 13 years and a mama to four wonderful and energetic kiddos! A little background about me and why I started this process of blogging!

 I bought my first sewing machine at age 10, by age 11 I had started my own “scrunchie” business, yes you read that right, scrunchies. Remember scrunchies? The fabric encased rubber band for hair, but was mostly worn on the wrist? Girls had to have them to match every outfit? Memory sparked yet? I scammed scrap fabric from my mom and aunt and had my fellow 11 year olds fueling my young entrepreneur fire. From there I was hooked on DIY and making life better one craft at a time.

 I have pretty much attempted (not always successfully) almost every craft out there. I have found along the way, people are always asking how I did it, what is the recipe, or what is the pattern? Thus the creation of this blog!

 I love my husband and kids, I love my sewing machine, the color turquoise, vintage anything, fabric, paint, cooking, fitness and of course coffee! I love to help others save money and achieve their DIY dreams one craft at a time!



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